Douglas Freymann
Dept. of Biochemistry
Tarry Bldg, Rm. 5-703
Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University
300 E. Superior
Chicago, IL 60611

phone: 312-503-1877
fax: 312-503-5349
email: freymann@northwestern.edu

Structural Biology & 

X-ray Crystallography

Our group studies the structural basis for interactions between proteins, and between proteins and small molecules, that play important roles cell biology.  We focus on the GTPases of the Signal Recognition Particle (SRP). 

At left are shown components of the SRP targeting pathway as they might be imagined to be organized at some point during the targeting cycle: a model of the SRP ribonucleoprotein determined by cryo EM (Halic et al, 2004, Nature 427 808-814) (top left), the crystal structure of the GMPPCP-stabilized SRP GTPase targeting complex (Focia et al, 2004, Science 303 373-377) (right, determined in our laboratory), and the structure of the membrane translocon (Van den Berg et al, 2004, Nature 427 36-44) (bottom).